There are thousands of NGOs and Organizations that provide support in India in various areas of support includes healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, Individuals, Education & Training, Shelter, Employment, Health, Child Abuse Prevention, awareness programs, etc. We believes that whether we can work for above, but we initiated and always do favor for Children & Women Education, Milk, Watershed, energy.

Our most significant projects are skill development of children where we have already planned for across various areas. We continuously strive to empower the backward and underprivileged, widows, and youth for employment by providing them various vocational trainings.

They don't have play grounds & awareness about academic and skill Education, enhance knowledge and information, Support in effective functioning of schools, Provide financial support to the needy students, etc.

Few of the key highlights of our planning and initiatives
  1. Skill Development, Training and employment
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Old age care and Rehabilitation
  4. Disabled children and Rehabilitation
  5. Self-Employment Program
  6. Water & sanity

The objects for which the Trust is founded are :
  • To educate the peoples by organizing various camps, Training using Computers related to various courses, topics etc.
  • To promote and teach latest information & technology in all fields.
  • To make people self-employment and rise employment opportunities.
  • To protect environment and promote unconventional natural resources.
  • To plant trees and clean environment.
  • Aware people for environmental problem and its benefit to us.
  • To develop rural and backward urban areas.
  • To help old age people, orphanage and women.
  • To help deprived and weaker section of society, disaster affected people, running schools, projects etc.
  • This organization will work in the Social Education, Cultural and Sport activities will establish and run Aaganwadi, Balwadi, School, Collage, Public Libraries and Hotels.
  • To reach the rural development and to educate the people. Try to extend the benefit of Central and State Government to the people for example Adult Education, Nutrition Food Program.
  • To educate the people by organizing various Culture programmers. To give the sport education of Government recognized sports to encourage the sportsman by organizing the sports competition and sports festivals.
  • To provide medical services to the poor to help the students for their education by donating them books and scholarship.
  • To help the persons at the time of natural calamities.

1. Education Awareness, Training and Capacity Building
  • GITA Foundation objective is to build multi skills high school program which will be truly a great community event bringing together many students and wonderful people from the industry to discuss the value of learning high tech skills and provide information by Global Information Technology arena.
  • GITA Foundation an environment that empowers and challenges students to apply their critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve real world technology issues.
  • GITA opens doors for industry experts to visit our program and help students make the connection between what they are learning and real world application.
  • GITA is a well-rounded dimensional program which holistically addresses the needs and growth of the GITA participant with input from higher education, businesses, and the community.
  • To organize orientation programmers Seminars, Symposium, Conferences, and Workshops etc. on various aspects of education and awareness.

2. Tree plantation, Environment and Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources
  • To plant seeds, trees at any public or private place and to protect it.
  • To develop and implement rural energy programmes and other schemes related to non-conventional energy resources.
  • To establish permanent as well as mobile exhibitions bring out the publication, posters and literature in a colloquial languages.
  • To establish and maintain botanical gardens on medicinal plants so as to promote traditional medicinal practices in the rural areas.
  • To institute awards for promotion of environmental awareness and a forestation and celebrate world environment day, earth day, wildlife week etc.

3. Agriculture and Rural Development
  • To establish Bio-Fertilizer Units.
  • To develop and improve their methods of farming management marketing in the interest of farmers.
  • To develop and establish schemes for health and sanitation in rural areas.
  • To implement integrated development programmes, schemes for advancement of rural technology projects organization of beneficiary schemes and the other programmes related to advancement of peoples participation in rural development.
  • To establish Krishi Vigyan Kendra.
  • To develop and implement schemes for Watershed management and conservation and sustainable utilization of water resources through traditional practices.

4. Social Welfare Programmes
  • To develop strategies to promote the participation of people with disabilities in programmes of rural development, establish vocational training and Entrepreneurial Training Centers.
  • To establish Gymnasium, Diagnostic Centers, Farmers Training cum Demonstration Centers to rural people.
  • To work for social development of society, people, animal or any living creature or thing. To do all such acts which are term as social and profit making.

5. Youth Affairs and Sports
  • To inculcate spirit of cooperative team work and take vital responsibilities in rural development through cooperation of youth.
  • To promote the training of youth in sports and institute awards for the same.
  • Exhibition for youth and encourage rural sports programmes.

6. Women and Child Development
  • To develop and implement schemes for women and child development in rural areas.
  • To undertake nutrition programmes for pre-school children.
  • To establish Hostels for working women and Day Care Centers for children.
  • To take up schemes for prevention of atrocities on women and strengthen the culture and values.

Vision and Mission

Connecting Village with Global Information & Technology Arena to transform villages into beautiful town where pleanty of opportunity will be available for womens, farmers and youth.

Promoting for Swacch Pani, Swacch Milk, WaterShed & Harvesting, Sun energy to keep Swacch Bharat.