For Nanne Munne Kids You are welcome to visit our centers from Monday to Saturday.
Here is how you can support these kids:
Rs. 250 per month Food and Medical Checkup
Rs. 500 per month Birthday Celebration and Outing
Rs. 1000 per Year Books and Stationary
Rs. 1500 per Year Volunteer Teacher Travel Reimbursement

For Health Care For Education
Rs. 3,000 Rs. 5,000 - Rs.6,000 for 1 year 1 child
Rs 11,000 Rs. 25,000 - Rs.3,000 for 6 months I child
Rs. 51,000 Rs. 1 Lakh - Rs.12,000 for 1 year , 2 child
Rs. 24,000 (Remaining amount) - Rs.24,000 for 2 year 2 child

How Can You Help?
Project Nanhe Munne kids is a participatory girls & boys child project where an individual or corporate can support the primary education and/or secondary education studying.