Donation in Kind

It doesn't matter how much anyone donate what matters most is the feeling of helping the needy people. Donation may be small but if it makes poor one happy its more than any riches of the world. Our foundation wanted to help the poorest of all in every possible way and for this we need your support. You can support us and show your care to the needy by not only monetary donation but also clothes, books, toys and other items of need. By your such donation in kind you can make someone happy.

Internship & Training

GITA Foundation works for a selfless cause by joining hands with people who want to work selflessly for our nation. We have been able to provide help to a lot of needy children so that they live a happy life and become noble citizens of our country.

If you think you have the courage to support people selflessly you may join in for an internship and help us for a noble cause

GITA Foundation provides Internship/Training to Students of courses like MSW, It also included the virtual Internship for students residing outside Mumbai. You may fill the application form here and if there will be any vacancy suitable to your qualification we will surely contact you.

Work from Home

We are looking for enthusiastic people determined to bring about positive change in the lives of children.

We need to come ahead and work for change our country for the betterment.

We should help for children around us working on the hotels, companies or streets and living without a roof while they should actually be in school. We are offering also to open nursery school for poor children. House wives, college students and social workers can contribute in this mission.

Their mission should ensure that every child in the area gets quality education. They can start by opening home based nursery school or get associated with other school like Municipal / Government Schools.

The local residents take responsibility for the situation and work towards ensuring quality of services in education.

Be a child rights activist and join as a volunteer.

The Currently opening of Internship are as below :